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Vilma Carla Martins

Screenwriter, director, producer and curator. Vilma has a Master in Film Analysis from UFBA (2017) and in Film Curation from EQZE - Spain (2022). She studied executive production at AIC (2020), Screenwriting at Centro Afrocarioca (2020) and Cine Autorreferential at EICTV-Cuba (2019). Member of APAN, ABRA and Talentos Paradiso. She is co-founder of Coletivo Sujeito Filmes (2017). She won the video editing award for the “Mostra Audiovisual (Entre)Vivências Negras” at the Museu da Pessoa in 2020. She worked in the Thought and Debate sector at the San Sebastian Festival (SSIFF) in 2022. She is the screenwriter and director of the experimental short film "Lamento à Águas” (2023) and the children’s short film “5 Fitas” (2020), selected and awarded at national and international festivals, in particular the award for best screenplay at the Vitória Film Festival. She was a script room assistant for an Original Fiction Series from Anonymous Content Brasil (upcoming). She was a jury at the 4th Mostra Lugar de Mulher é No Cinema, script curator for Rota Festival 2021 and Frapa 2022 and 2023. She is writing a series for Disney+ and producing her first feature film "Star video", approved in the Paulo Gustavo/Salcine 2023 notice of production, semi-finalist at the Guiões festival (2022), “Estimulo a Escrito” award at FRAPA (2021), participated in Diaspora Lab (2018) and Lab do Kinoforum (2018).


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