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Veronica Debom

Actress, comedian, screenwriter and playwright, Veronica Debom was the first woman to join the cast of the most traditional stand up comedy group in Brazil: “Comédia em pé”. Graduated from Cal (Casa de Artes de Laranjeiras) and PUC/RJ, she starred in and wrote the show “O Abacaxi”, her first theatrical text which is a dramedy with existentialist pretensions (selected by the curatorship of the CCBB’s international Cena Brasil). She also signs alongside Célio Porto, the play by Eduardo Sterblitch “Tio”. For TV she worked as chief editor of Canal Brasil's “Vizinhos” project, a comedy series adapted from the homonymous work by Argentines Cohn and Duprat and wrote the three seasons of the series “Diário de um Confined” alongside Bruno Mazzeo (work that competed for “Contigo”, “APCA”, “F1 da Folha” and to the “Emmy awards”). She was part of the development and was a screenwriter in the comedy project “Fora de Hora” (TV Globo), where she also played the character Fabíola Argento. For the journalist program Fantástico, she wrote “Mulheres Fantásticas”. In cinema, she wrote with Célio Porto and Ingrid Guimarães the comedy feature film with the provisional name “Minha Irmã e Eu”, with a premiere scheduled for 2023.


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