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Simone Mota

Writer, screenwriter and curator of cultural projects Simone Mota is from Rio de Janeiro and grew up in the neighborhood of Todos os Santos. As children's literature writer, she has recently published the book Carolayne, Carolina e as histórias do diário da menina (Editora Malê), 'Frederico, Frederico…' (Editora do Brasil) which received the 2021 UNESCO Catedra Seal Award 2021 PUC-RJ and Que cabelo é esse, Bela? (Editora do Brasil). In the audiovisual field, she currently collaborates with the screenplay of a feature film and is a jury for the project Roteiro de Mãe (Rio Filmes). She did character and content research for the documentary Lobby do Batom (2021-22), wrote all the scripts for the character Juju, for the MonkinoA channel (2020-21), was the screenwriter of interviews for the documentary Quadro Negro (Festival do Rio 2021), participated in Gullane's New Talents Laboratory (2020-2021) and LANANI - Flup/Globo (2018). She also directed the short film Chega de exceção, and the trailer for the book Que cabelo é esse, Bela? (2019). With Solo Solo Produções Artísticas e Culturais, her most recent work is the Projeto Alô Narrativas Negras para infância, carried out with the encouragement of the Aldir Blanc-RJ Law (2020-2021).


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