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Priscila Gontijo lançamento livro 2016_edited.jpg

Prisicila Gontijo

Writer, playwright and screenwriter. Master in Literature and Literary Criticism from PUC/SP, doctoral candidate in Compared Studies of Literatures in the Portuguese Language at FFLCH/USP. As a playwright, she is the author of “A vida dela”, “Deadline”, “Soslaio”, among others. As a novelist, she has published “Peixe cego”, a finalist novel for the São Paulo Literature Prize (2017), “O som dos anéis de Saturno”, a semi-finalist for the Oceanos Prize (2021), and has just released “Animais submersos”, a book of short stories by publisher Quelônio, winner of ProAC Expresso Nº 19/2021. As a screenwriter, she was in several writers’ rooms, including for the 2nd and 3rd seasons of "Dom", by Breno Silveira, a series produced by Conspiração Filmes (Amazon Prime Video), the 4th season of the series "#MeChamaDeBruna", produced by TvZero (Fox Premium). She has won the prizes in both categories (script and original script) of the ProAC de Telefilme of the city of São Paulo for TV Cultura with the telefilm: "Irina", and was selected in the FSA Creative Hubs for the feature film script and series project for ParanoidBr; she taught screenwriting classes in the technical course at Filmworks III, at the International Film Academy/SP. She was a text researcher at TV Globo. Priscila is currently a professor of dramaturgy and screenwriting in the post-graduate course Writer Training, at the Vera Cruz Institute in São Paulo, and is developing a series project for Coqueirão Pictures.


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