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Janine Rodrigues

Writer and educator, founder of Piraporando - Education for diversity, which creates anti-racist, anti-bullying, anti-prejudice and gender equity experiences and content, considered one of the 10 most important Edtechs in Latin America. Janine has a degree in Social and Environmental Management with a specialization from UFRJ. She was elected by Forbes as one of the 12 innovative black people who are raising the quality of education in Brazil and one of the 13 Brazilian women who are working towards equity in education. She studied “Racism in Childhood: a form of abuse”, at the Center for the Study of Labor Relations and Inequality. Elected by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) one of the greatest leaders in diversity and education in Latin America and the Caribbean. She scripted the re-reading of Sleeping Beauty theatrical play, a hit with audiences and critics, and the experimental short film 'O filho do vento' which participated in the Cariri Festival, the Florianópolis Children's Film Festival and Cine Curtinhas (Itaú Cultural). She started writing at the age of 8 and has published 7 books so far, including "Nuang, caminhos da Liberdade" and "As incríveis aventuras de Nirobe na terra do Não. She worked for 12 years with traditional communities, mainly riverside population, quilombolas, indigenous people and small farmers. She is an advisor at Bett Brasil. Head of the Civi-co Education Hub. Received an Award by the European Society of Fine Arts, Austria and by the Academia de Letras de Rosario, Argentina. Heloneida Stuart Award 2018. Tarsila do Amaral Award 2020. Her books are present in 12 countries. Consultant and speaker on education, diversity, sustainability and social equity.


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